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Black Schicksa Slip "Madonna"

Tissue Paper, Acrylic Paint, chain spaghetti-style straps,grommets,cubic zirconium cross pendant and chains.

41" x 12" x15" - Aug. 1st. 2010

"Madonna" Slip Close-Up of Cross Charm & Chains at Decollete

"Madonna" Slip Care Label


Turqoise Chiffon "Schicksa" Slip with Puti

June 2010

2 "Schicksa" Slips




Turqoise "Schicksa" Care Label



Decollete Close-Up of Star-Charm, Stitching, and Ruffles


2 "Schicksa' Slips, 2 "Schicksa" Dresses

Red "Schicksa" Dress & White Glitter Slip


"Schicksa" Rear & Front View

White Glitter "Schicksa" Slip.. April 2010


White "Schicksa" Slip and "Candy Apple Schicksa" Dress on Display @ Day Dream Republic Multi-Event Location, los Angeles, CA for the month of May 2010




"Schicksa" Care Label

"Schicksa" Rear View


"Schicksa" Tag & Label


"Schicksa" 45"x15"x13" - recycled tissue paper with functional hardware Dec. 2009


"Two Schicksas"..."Schicksa" with "Candy-Apple Schicksa" 41"x15"x13"- recycled tissue paper, glitter and varathane, functional hardware - Jan. 2010

Hydro-Cal Paper Dress - Concrete Impregnanted Paper, Paper Clips, Lacquer, 32"x16"x10", 1986

"Guardian" Wire, Rubber Netting, Foil, Acrylic, 51"x16"x15" 1985