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My name is Sissy Hyde and I am an artist living in Los Angeles. My formal education was at the University of Colorado and the San Francisco Art Institute, where I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in sculpture. Over the last 20 years I have worked in all media (ceramics, metal, stone, handmade paper, weaving, painting, and drawing). However, I always return to splatter painting.

I have figurative- and splatter-painted in all types of paints and on all kinds of objects (including rooms, bicycles, guitars, screens, window shades, furniture) and nothing performed like lacquer. I like a fast medium and lacquers have that added dimension of being metallic and refractive, unlike any oil or acrylic. It has taken over 20 years of experimenting with splatter in paints and lacquers to perfect my technique. Or perhaps it has been perfecting me!

The amount of control I actually have over the paint depends on all sorts of external issues like weather, temperature, moisture in the air, etc. And then it is a 50/50 compromise: half is what the paint wants to be, and half is what I want it to become. Often, in the process I must submit to the paint being my teacher, but in the end this is a totally satisfactory compromise!

I have been painting a series of small “vignettes” since 2002. Since the lacquer is multi-refractive and the backgrounds sparkle by day and glow in the night, my little paintings have been called “jewel-like” and “wall jewelry.” Subject matter is relatively immaterial, since for me it is truly all about the paint. Therefore, when I set out to do abstracts, I usually wind up with wonderful figurative subjects, and vice versa. I am now in the process of taking my technique one step further and completing works on a larger scale.

My paintings were most recently displayed in a 2007 & 2008 Dallas exhibit curated by the North Texas Business Committee for the Arts. The Committee Members' remarks: “fluid, glasslike and unique.”


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