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#1 - 16 inches, faceted Green Sapphires, with grape garnet 

round beads and strawberry + raspberry garnet rondelles, 

Sterling Silver Heart Lobster Clasp. For money 

attraction, good luck, prosperity + happiness.



#2 - 14" 5/8, faceted, clear, Red Spinel, ca. 32 Karats. 

Sterling Silver Heart Lobster clasp. For everlasting 

love, a good wedding ring stone. 



#3 - 15", smaller, rectangular faceted Rainbow Obsidian, 

fac. Kyanite, fac. Apatite, Arizona Turquoise Beads, 

Auqa, + clear Quartz Beads, Peruvian Opal Drop, 

Sterling Silver Coin + Heart Locket Clasp. Rainbow 

obsidian is a powerful motional protector, " the bridge 

to light", helps process and recovery from deep emotional 

trauma, Turquoise protects the wearer, Opal heals + 

protects, Aqua opens throat chakra + amplifies expression, 

Quartz amplifies.



#4 - 16 1/2", Peruvian Opal,, Green Garnet, Chrysoprase, 

Apatite, Turquoise, Kyanite, Chrome Diopside, Cacholong 

Opal, Golden Tourmaline, Clear Spinel...Protective, 

clarification, universal love, spiritual alignment, 

good luck, productiveness + prosperity.



#5 - 18", Buffalo Horn, Ant. Tibet. Cherry Amber + 

Resin Beads, land-grown Coral, African Trade eads 

("Redhearts"), large Sterling Silver Heart Locket 

Clasp, SS Beads + Findings. Makes one feel connected 

with other live warm beings, nice fuzzy feeling, 

trade-beads for self value + esteem, freshwater 

pearls for wisdom, coral for protection. 



#6 - 21",  Mexican Fire Opals, Spinels, Tourmalines, Amber, 

Garnet, Carnelian....Fine strand, light weight + finest 

quality stones, SS Beads + Findings, SS med. large Heart 

Locket Clasp. Protection, Productivity, Charisma, 

Attraction, Self Worth, Clear-thinking, problem -solving, 

self esteem + confidence, love + happiness 



#7 - 16", Long Golden coral drops, grape garnet, 

champagne/mauve freshwater pearls, Mex. Fire Opal, 

Ant. Afghani Nomad Silver, Freshwater Baroque Pearl, 

fac. grene Apatite. Protection + Healing, 

Wisdom + Intuitiveness, Prosperity + Happiness.



#8 - 16 1/2" Large + small Turquoise, Peruvian Opals, fac. 

clear blue Kyanite, Golden Tourmaline, clear Spinel, 

Hemi- & Amo-Morphite, Buffalo Horn, SS.Protection, 

Healing, excitement and openness towards new ideas, 

spiritual alignment, feeling connected to others, 

self confidence.+ clear thinking. 



#9 - 21", Very fine Med.Mex. Fire Opal, Ant. Tibet 

Cherry Amber, Dk. + Lt. Pink, Violet, Peach Spinel 

(large stones), Buffalo Horn, African Trade Beads 

("Redhearts") fac. Raspberry Garnet, Baltic Amber, 

SS Beads + Findings, med. large SS Heart Locket Clasp. 

Application of Intellect to one's approach, protection, 

charisma, self esteem, self confidence, self worth, 

feeling connected to other.s. 



#10 - 16", Baltic Amber, Peruvian Opals, Aqua, Turquoise, 

Apatite, Amo-Morphite. smoky Topaz. Functioning from 

the Intellect, Protection, universal love, power of 

expression, luck, openness to new ideas. 



#11 - 15", Baltic Amber, Turquoise, Freshwater Pearls, 

Kyanite, Blue Topaz, Glass, SS Toggle, Beads + Findings. 

Intellectual Outlook, Spiritual Alignment, Wisdom, 

Protection, Fusion, Manifestation. 

Both Baltic's as set: 



#12 - 15", Ant. Tibet. Cherry Amber + Resin Beads, 

Mex. Fire Opal, fac. Rainbow Obsidian, Copper, Chrome 

Diopside, fac. Iolite, fac. Chrysoprase, fac. Citrine, 

fac. Kyanite, Apatite large SS Heart Locket Clasp + SS 

Heart Trigger Clasp, Beads, Chain + Findings.  

Intellectual approach, overcoming trauma, release of 

stress, dissolving of energy blockages, clarity, 

universal love & compassion, healing, balance & 

subtle perception 



#13 - 16" - 18" Tiered Fac. Rainbow Obsidian Triple Strand, 

Apatite, Sterling Silver large Toggle. Overcoming 

serious trauma, "a bridge to the light", universal 

love, compassion, and intuitiveness.



#14 - 15", Jet (Black Amber), Labradorite, Sterling Silver. 

An aid & protector to those interested in the activation 

of powers of magic. Consciously directed energy, 

neutralizer of negative energies; powerful amulet for 

the purification of one's aura & protection of negative 


#15 - 15", Jet, Labradorite, Sterling Silver  med. large 

Heart Locket Clasp, see #14 stone info. 

#14 + #15 as set 



#16 - 15" - adj. Drilled Aquamarine crystals on leather 

with slipknots, SS findings + Beads. Aquamarine opens 

throat chakra; aids in the expression of universal truth, 

amplifies, clarifies. 



#17 - 15" - adj. Leather w/slipknots + SS wire wraps

& African Trade Beads (when avail. / will vary). 

A comfortable yoke of self-worth.



#18 - 15" - adj. Leather w/slipknots (no wire wraps), 

African Trade Bead, 2 African small Dowry beads, 

+  Ant. Afghani Nomad Silver Drop or Bead (as available). 

Self worth, intuitiveness, fusion.



#19 - 16", Buffalo Horn on leather, Baltic Amber, 

Turquoise, Peruvian Opal,, SS, Glass, Artisan Glass, 

Czech & Chinese glass, SS Heart Trigger Clasp. Feeling 

connected to other live warm beings, fusion, protection, 

healing, balancing, intuitiveness + intellectual 




#20 - 15 1/2", Coin Pearls, varying colours freshwater 

pearls, light & dark wood beads, carnelian, garnet, 

opalite glass, amber, artisan glass on brass rings, 

SS heart trigger clasp, Wisdom, fusion, creative 

release, productivity + prosperity, intuitiveness. 


#21 - 15" - 16", Sleeping Beauty, or Kingman Mine (Ariz) 

when available on carpet thread or tiger-tail. 




#22 - 15", Golden Coral (originally black coral, 

when available), large 14Kt. Senora clasp, 14Kt. 

findings. Protection & Healing.



Lisa Dorsey, adj. leather choker with variable 

African trade bead + 6 gems. Duration 1+1/2 weeks 



Custom Earrings



Cynthia Dane Modification

Orig. piece 2006



Angie Rochas-Gonzalez

Long intellectual + protection

plus negotiations amulet



Chris O'Brien

with new dangle addition

Orig. piece 2006



Inta Levins

Long protection & negotiations

amulet all gems



Alla Tsurkan

Long, but wearable as a double,

specific colour requests,

duration of production 

3 weeks to 1 month


Cynthia Dane_fac_Kyanite_Labradorite

Cynthia Dane

Adj. 16" to 18" fac. clear

dk. blue Kyanite + fac.

Labradorite drop.


Healing Stones: A little history:

Throughout history people have adorned themselves. Gradually, certain attributes and properties were commonly assigned to certain stones. After 1990 more and more unusual stones that had previously only existed in mineral collections, came to the market as usable jewelry stones or drilled as beads, and new types of stones are continually being discovered and are brought to market each year. Since the 1980s, lore about stones has grown immensely.

I have been using stones since 1988--first wire-wrapped, then hung on leather, which later developed into more and more intricate stringing techniques, and unusual stone combinations since 1996.

I specialize in custom pieces and have sold personalized jewelry all over the United States and Europe. For these custom pieces I communicate with the future wearer to arrive at a mutually-satisfactory design.

That is, aside from the attributes of the piece of jewelry (length, color, etc.), what physical, mental, or spiritual aspects the wearer wants to enhance or needs to address. After detailed communications, I then make a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry that not only is beautiful, but represents, comforts, and aids them consciously and subconsciously.

Sometimes a buyer doesn’t care about the stone properties or healing aspects, but just wants something pretty. And of course, that’s fine too! They will wind up with a gorgeous piece of jewelry custom-made just for them.


#23 - 17 1/2", rice and several types of freshwater pearls, 

Turquoise, Fluorite, aquamarine, Peruvian Opal, 

Green Agate, chrysoprase, topaz, peridot, apatite, 

adventurine, japanese glass seed beads + Czech glass 

drop, SS chain, heart trigger clasp + dangling coin. 

Wisdom, fusion, regeneration, compassion, universal 

love, welcoming of new concepts, luck, money, protection, 

healing, balancing, expression of universal truth, 

clarity, alignment with organizational qualities. 



#24 - 18", SS Heart Trigger Clasp & chain, Jet & Amber, 

white Biwa Pearl, fac. Prehnite, Peruvian Opal, 

fac. Labadorite, Ant. Tibetan Turquoise, fac. 

Lemon Quartz, Freshwater Pearl, green Calcite, 

dark Biwa Pearl, fac. smoky Topaz, olive jade, fac. 

Rainbow Obsidian. Healing, balancing, recovering from 

trauma, healing smoke & fume damage, wisdom, protection, 

extended physical energies, calming to stress, happiness 

& luck. 



#25 - 17 3/4", Finely graduated milky Raspberry Spinel rondels, 

fac. apatite + peridot, coral, Turquoise, freshwater pearl, 

African Trade Bead, 14 Kt. heart clasp. Self Worth, 

love + happiness, compassion, universal love, regeneration, 




#26 - 31" Tiered Double Strand fac. Rainbow Obsidian 

on SS chain. Recovering from trauma, healing, balancing, 

a bridge to light.  Double * 

Triple w/Apatite as set 



#27 - 30" Tiered Double Strand incl. 4 inch chain extender, 

Labradorite, fac. Rainbow Obsidian, fac. Lavender Quartz, 

fac. clear dk. blue Kyanite, green garnet, green 

tourmaline, fac. apatite, fac. Amazonite, Peruvian 

Opal, japanese seed beads. Puts one back on karmic track 

one should be on, spiritual alignment, overcoming severe 

trauma, strength of amazons, increased communications, 

luck + prosperity compassion + universal love, calming 

clarity, healing, balancing, protective. 



#28 - 27 1/2 - 29 1/2 Tiered Triple Green Garnet Strand on 

SS chain. Fac. + polished green garnets, green tourmaline, 

dk. green opal matrix, fac. & rondel olive jade, 5 pcs. 

Chinese Glass. Prosperity, Luck + Good Fortune, Money,

Healing, Protection, + increased communications.


#29 - 34" incl. 4" chain extender. Argentinian Cherry Amber,

Buffalo Horn, Butterscotch, Orange & Yellow Ant. 

Tibet. Amber, African Trade Beads ("Redhearts"), 

fac. golden Tiger's eye, Ant. Afghani Nomad Silver, 

& SS Cahin, findings & Beads. Intellectual approach, 

intuitiveness, self worth, focus and oneness with 

oneself,feeling connected with other live warm beings. 



#30 - 21" tiered double strand red buffalo horn & fac. 

rainbow obsidian, Sterling. Feeling connected with other 

live warm beings and overcoming severe trauma. 



#31 - 21", longer strand of tear drop shaped golden coral, 

fac. Kyanite, Apatite,  fac.Golden, Brown  & Green tourmaline,

Peruvian Opal, Labradorite,fac. lavender quartz, Czech glass 

drop, Sterling Silver Heart Trigger Clasp, Beads & Findings.

Protection, Increased clarity and better communications, 

compassion, universal love, spiritual alignment, healing, 

balancing, extended physical energies, puts one back on 

karmic path one should be on. 

#32 - 18" tear drop shaped golden coral, brown, golden, 

& green fac. tourmaline, fac. Apatite, & Kyanite..


#31 + #32 as set



#33 - 3 Seperate tiered strands of various Tourquoise 

36" - 40". Various Arizona,  Chinese & Ant. Tibet 

Tourquoise & Green Garnet. Protection + Luck. 

Separate or All 3 as set: 



#34 - 37" Sterling Chain w/ large Buffalo Horn elongated 

ovals, carnelian, + white + pink Spinel, Mex. Fire Opal. 

feeling connected with other live warm beings, love, 

happiness + clarity, attraction, charisma, creative 


#35 - 39" Sterling Chain w/ large Buffalo Horn elongated 

ovals, carnelian, white + pink spinel, carnelian, mex. 

fire opal. 

Both #34 + #35 as set